Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Telling the truth//Stickers

As part of the work we have split up between everyone, i was designing the stickers. These are primarily for the audience to use and then being directed to the vimeo website which will hold the video of the installations. They also act as promotion for the installation and the whole concept of everything really. We are also going to use it as the logo for the vimeo page.

I knew that we were going to keep the diamond shape going throughout, so i used this as the shape of the sticker to keep it in keeping with the rest of the work.
I started by drawing different layouts for the stickers and working out how the information could be displayed on the stickers, as they are a small format its vital to get it right with the point size to make them readable.
I wanted to keep the design minimal because of the small format.

From the ones i created on the design sheets i took my favourite ones further and digitalised them, here i am just experimenting with the type and colour.
After designing these i showed the group to see which there favourite was and which to carry on further developing.

this was the design that was the most favourable out of the group, so i played around with the design more to generate some more ideas.

From the starting design, it looked a bit spare and didn't have enough room taken up by the type on it, also the writing was hard to read when at the actual size, so i tried making it more clearer, by adding the triangle in the darker colour, this enhances the vimeo website more and makes it stand out. The other thing was that the design of the vimeo.com at the top was that it read the actual URL but the 'lonely lies' was made bigger and into an actual logo for the product. The rest of the group didn't notice this until i told them, so we gathered that the audience probably wouldn't see this either, so the design needed changing.

Keeping the same idea of the triangle at the top to add the design and make the sticker stand out more, i kept this in the design. I started to look at rearranging the type on the sticker so that it reads better and comprehends to the audience that this is both the website and the logo. Trying the triangle in darker and lighter colour to see how this contrast with the colour and how the readability of the sticker changes.

Again here i played around with the contents of the stickers, using opacities and blending modes on some of them. It interesting how you can see that the one with the white triangle looks brighter overall than the other two, and the one with a lot of the things on blending modes looks darker in general. I like the top one the most though, as i think this one sits together the best. The white triangle is too bright a log with lies being too bright and it just doesn't work together. The darker one with the white text doesn't work because the text is too bright compared to the background. whereas the middle one even though seems darker in general, sits together well and works the best i feel.

As we were working on the project more, we decided that we didn't really like the green anymore and preferred this sandy brown colour, which i do like more. The darker brown on top of it works a lot better together. Hence why we think the top one looks the best. The darker triangle at the top is met in contrast with the lighter brown and the text also helps this out. If you look at the one on the right, there is no relationship between the dark brown and light brown because the text is so bright it takes over.

Final sticker

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