Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Postage stamps// Ideas

So from the initial research i did into energy efficiency ways of living i narrowed it down to three categories which i thought i could do the most with.

The reason that i chose these categories were because i wanted to base the whole concept of the stamps on improving the world by being more energy efficient, but i wanted to do things which you can improve everyday, like everyday tasks etc, i feel that this will result in more people trying it out than telling them about renewable energy that the public have no effect on.

Energy efficiency in the home
- washing clothes at 30c - saves 42% energy
- Turning off plugs - saves 25% energy
- Energy saving bulbs - saves 74%
- lowering temp in rooms - saves 36% energy
- switching lights off - saves 30% energy
- lowering fridge power - saves 20%

This idea again was working with information that had a limited amount of visuals for, but instead of trying to come up with different visuals i looked at how i can change the layout to make the design of the stamp more effective and communicate better, which worked well for this. I do like this idea, but i think its a bit safe and that a lot of people may think of it/its all ready been done a lot.

Alternative Transport
- walking
- cycling
- public transport
- car share

When i first thought of the three categories, this was my favourite idea and i came up with the idea of making it into a campaign too and i had lots of ideas in my head on how i could run it from the stamps, but when it came to doing visuals for it, i could hardly think of any, or there was a limited amount for the different methods of transport to experiment with. Also i think it needs some sort of fact to go with it , which this doesn't, so i have decided against this idea.

Efficient driving
- drive smoothly - save 40%
- step off accelerator - save 20%
- drive at slower speed - save 25%
- correct tyre pressure - save 10%
- Air conditioning - save 10%
- switch off engine - save 90%

My favourite idea is this one. As i am a driver myself, i like to find out how to save money and make the petrol last longer, so this instantly attracted me to it. When thinking of visuals for this, it came really easy. I wanted to keep it clean and simple and straight to the point. As the stamps are a small format, the design needed to be high impact, which i feel as thought these do deliver this, keeping the type and small amount of imagery through block image makes the stamps stand out and very eye catching. There are only 3 or 4 ideas here, but i can experiment with these to make something better or I'm sure more will come to mind when i have another think about it/ start designing. 

From this i thought of how i can expand it, making it into a sort of challenge. So you drive like you normally do for a week and record the amount of fuel used or fuel consumption used. Then you try this out the second week, using the stamps as steps to drive more efficient and then see the difference between the two results. This would hopefully highlight the difference that small changes in driving can make. 
So this is my favourite idea, that i think i am going to run with, but i am going to take all 3 ideas to the crit and see what feedback i get.

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