Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Life Lessons//Changes in Idea

Today we had a presentation to do for this brief in front of our group, mine went well and the idea went down good, the only thing that was brought up was if the print room was going to be open over easter because we have quite a lot of work going on at the minute on top of this, i have found out that the print room in which i can do letterpress and woodblock type will be closed over easter so that i can't do and that the one at college is open so i can still do my screen prints.

The way i am going to do this now is that i am going to go back to my first idea of doing a publication which will include all the designs that i want to do and be a visual book on motivational/life lessons, which i think will look really nice as a publication. I am going to do in A4 format and then bind the whole thing together.
For the woodblock poster i was going to do, i am still going to keep it within this style by going and printing the alphabet in woodblock letters then i can scan these in and produce the poster in that way.

As well as the publication i am then going to screen print some of the designs and print some digital to make up a set of work for this. 

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