Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Telling the Truth//Designs

Throughout this week our group have been producing the work we need for our project individually. We have all decided on the style we want it be within, but to split the work load everyone took an aspect that needed to be designed. We did this to get variations within the design for each element, then we would come back together as a group to make the decision on which one to use. The majority of the time we were sat together and able to show and talk to each other about each bit, but with everyone taking something different it made getting through the work a lot easier.

I designed the stickers - These were something to have next to installation, which the people that take part in it can take one and be directed to the website which will house the video of the installation this is how we will get the message across to the audience.

Martin came up with the initial idea of how to get the message across; the design for inside the installation. As a group we then developed this until we were happy and then Martin took this away to finish it off and get the artwork ready to print.

Mikey designed the poster - The poster is to intise the audience and get them to interact with the installation, this holds the information to engage them with the installation to get the message across. 

Me and martin created the initial shell of the box, then as a group we put the rest of it together to create the final installation.
Initial shell of the box for the installation.

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