Thursday, 8 March 2012

Who are you//layout

For the actual layout of the DPS i wanted to keep it  quite simple and clean, but yet still have the vibe of the 60's throughout.
To start with i drew out some designs for the layout
insert design sheet

After this i did some quick knock ups of some on illustrator with one of the pattern designs to see how it would work out.

At first i was going to use the pattern as a background image and repeat it, to create a pattern for the whole page, but now I've expanded the pattern and using it more as a design for the page it wouldn't work in that way. The ones above are some different experiments of placement of the design. I have used the lines coming off it to link it into the next page. My favourites are the first one and the last one, with the first one I'm sure about the type at the top so i decided i like the last one the best. The type is the main information i thought was relevant about kathryn, because the interview i have done is split into personal questions and design questions i wanted to compare the two in this little section too.

I added some text for where the interview would lay and above i thought it would be good to include some of her own work, maybe the 60's themed work to tie in with the rest of the layout.
Again the image on the left isn't the final one, i was just using it as a placement object.

This is the final layout with the right pattern on the main page, this is a quick view of the layout which i did in illustrator, just to get the point of it across.

From the illustrator layout, i took it into indesign and created the proper layout, all i need to do now is insert the text and get some images of kathryns work!

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