Monday, 19 March 2012

Postage Stamps//Further Experimentation

From the work i have been doing over the weekend, i have further explored this using the same idea of trying the different stamp shapes and layout throughout the designs of the stamps.

Hexagon road sign shape, here i have tried a varied amount of layouts with the shape and text within the different sized stamps. After doing the different sizes i have decided that i don't like this design, it works within the hexagon shape, but then putting this within the rectangular stamp shape makes the design look odd, as there is space around it which isn't workable and looks out of place.

Circle road sign shape - again as you can see from the little experimenting with this, that i found the same issues as the one above and didn't like the idea of the design anymore, it just wasn't working well within the stamp sizes. 

This was the easiest to work with, the design works within every stamp shape, i didn't bother with the 35x35 as there is hardly a difference between that and the 37x35 which id rather have slightly more room to work with. The idea behind this makes sense as its using the actual shape of the stamp as the road sign, so there is no white space left. The design of these is really simple and makes it really legible to read, but i don't think that it really links into the whole idea of it being about cars.

This is my favourite design. To start with i experimented with the speedo design as the original one wasn't that good or readable at the size of the stamp. Simplifying this down and increasing the pt size makes it a lot more legible and work within the design more. I also changed the text to make it say what you are saving instead of just saving 40%, also i got rid of the dial pointer because i think this made it more confusing and the audience would actually have to read it to make sense which i don't think they will with stamps, the way it is now makes it more of an impact when they read it. Adding the red line in the gauge links it back to fact of how much fuel its saving. 

This is the last design which was using an old road sign to be the base of the design. I like the design and shape of this within the stamp, this is the one which is most legible and stands out, but again it doesn't link to the idea of it at all, when you look at it you don't think of it being a road sign, so it may seem a bit odd why it is in that design. So for the need of it being for the stamps i don't think i will need it, but i do like the shape of it and think i will use it for the book design that the stamps come in.

These are the 3 best design that i think work the best, i printed them off to see what the designs were like at actual scale and to make sure they are legible etc. 
I also asked a few people within the group which they thought were the best and each said the one with the petrol gauge on it because it shows what the stamps are about straight away when you see that. It connects with the idea of cars so makes more sense altogether. I asked about if it was legible enough, because i thought maybe the text at the bottom was a little small, but they all said it was fine, so its all good and that is the design i am going to go with. 

Now i am going to produce the other 5 stamps and then experiment with the colour of the stamp. At the minute i have been using red, because that is the colour of the road signs which are informative and ones which tell you to do something, so i thought this would be appropriate to the stamps as i telling people to drive eco. But i will experiment and try find some research out on it first.

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