Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Postage stamps//Crit

Friday was the day of our first crit for the stamps brief. I was feeling pretty confident about this, as i had spent some time on this throughout the week and had got a lot of research which had lead me to good design ideas and i had a solid idea ready for the crit, with the some rough mock-ups of some of the initial ideas. I thought this would put me in good stead and hopefully get some good feedback i can use to move forward with this.

The crit was done with half of that group. We split into pairs and went round the room, criting the different groups of work, everybody got 2 sheets of feedback. The feedback was based upon the concept, research and design development.

My feedback:
1. Concept:
- Clear concept based around driving and the use of your vehicle and saving money - which is good because most people are more concerned with saving money than the environment.
- alternative modes of transport/changes to driving style to reduce emissions

2. Design development:
- Very clear and well organised sheets - can see starting point and see how it is developed.
- LOADS of design sheets which is good. Strong visuals and ideas made clear through both writing and drawing. Lots of experimenting.

3. Research:
- different car/road visuals to link in with 'drive smoothly' message. Experiment more with road signs. Experiment with different stamp sizes. Experiment with wording of slogan - in some cases people will not recognise the message.
- thorough and broad research on display, obviously informed which shows in your designs.

The feedback i received was positive and gave me the confidence behind the idea of efficient driving. This was my favourite idea before the crit because i liked the whole concept of it and i thought it was something different. From looking at other peoples work within the crit, it did prove my point that it was different because a lot of people were looking at household things you can do, so this made me even more confident in the idea and was defiantly the one i wanted to run with. The feedback of the different experimentations i needed to do, i took on board as i knew this needed to be done anyway. It was a useful crit!

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